Okay, what does this mean!  Have a struck a nerve here!

Let me explainpoverty consciousness.   Thinking of what you don’t have should be replaced with appreciation for what is already owned.      AND. unless you are investing in your business to grow it and accumulate the wealth you desire, (poverty consciousness) you are failing to see the better standard of living and business success you can have.

Understand, I did this for long time when I built my businesses.  I was always looking at the minutest dollar everyday particularly as I have staff to pay, and a business to run.

It started to become my focus and the more I focused on it, the less I had.  Regarding my business, I had a poverty consciousness.    I had the attitude of “Ouch! – there is more money going out than coming in – I can’t afford that” – “Your services are too expensive”  OR “Flying Business Class – Never on my income”  Even when I did have a business.  But it was stopping me.

Pay attention; you want your clients to invest in you. Right!    You have a service, product or program that is worthwhile.  Correct!   You get so excited about it that you can’t wait to tell everyone.  BUT how are you going to help them if you do not help yourself.

I am not talking here about learning more skills or having more professional development training.  This is about creating the business you want.  You have to invest in yourself, your business so that your business, marketing and sales skills are solid.   How else are you going to expect to build a business of your dreams!

Let me tell you why you get stuck in poverty consciousness?

I cannot do everything myself, in my business, and I doubt that you can as well.  BUT you try because that is what you believe you have to do to build our business.  Work hard doing everything yet often finding the outcome goals you want to achieve are slipping away.

You’re exhausted. Or it could be that your business is thriving, but you are still feeling anxious or unfulfilled – OR worse yet “Fear of losing it”

There will be a collision between your love of what you do and the day-to-day tasks that come with running your business.   Most times, the road to building your dreams is bumpy so when you have someone to partner with to assist you- you have someone to discuss issues with – someone skilled guiding you to get exactly where you want to be.

The universe likes flow!  You already know this.

In my experience, I’ve seen how everything just seems to become easier when there is a good balance and exchange between the masculine ‘focus of money’ and the feminine ‘spirituality’ flow and what your business stands for.

The energies of the two to make a difference – everything you do in your purpose based business involves an exchange.

Money flows – money needs to move.  It needs to be shared and is there to support you.    It takes MONEY, TIME AND ENERGY and especially the willingness to change (ex-change) what doesn’t work and an investment in You!

Are you investing in your “Return on Investment’ in You.  Your ROI?

 Know you are worth the time, effort and investment of transforming your life and business and bringing out the best of BOTH!

Know that I am worth your time, effort and investment in transforming your life and bringing out the best in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!