So who are you really becoming?We often here about be – do – have.

So who are  you really becoming?

We are so busy that it sometimes feels that instead of being human beings, we have become human ‘doings’.

I can remember even as a very young child being puzzled about human nature and watching adults – and their response to life.  I continually sought answers from my parents and other adult authority figures.

Every child thinks adults have it all worked out. I asked endless questions and found myself thinking all of the time about what it all meant and pondering how it worked and why.

I spent decades as an adult studying psychology still looking for meaning and answers to questions.  Eventually I got tired of the struggle of not understanding and concluded the only real security in this life must be to have financial independence.

I achieved financial success only to realize that wasn’t the answers to life’s questions either…

I’ve changed my tack in recent years and have been listening to my clients my friends, my partner and my son.  But most of all I have been listening to my heart.  To the quiet voice inside of me.  Doing that, I’ve come to understand it’s no longer enough to get up on Monday morning to just to make money. Sure, I want money, but purposeful work is what feeds me.

In all my relationships – business and personal, I want to be a force to help people with what matters of the heart.   I want to devote the rest of my life to serving others, in tune with my understanding of the divine, of our real purpose – our inner purpose for being here.  Forty six years along the purpose journey, I now feel at peace about many of the mysteries of life.

We all have times of wondering “Who am I here to become”. Most spiritual traditions deal with this one key question. We have to unmask our illusions and discover what part of our busyness is just cultured consciousness and what part is an expression of our real purpose.

For every one of us, who ask ourselves ‘who am I becoming today – how can I better serve?’  There are many who hope that more busyness will feed their hunger and will keep on – waiting.  Waiting for that special person, project or event to take us ‘there’ – wherever we think there might be.  And often – when as we look for the external to create our destiny, we never feel we’ve arrived.

Reflection on why we get up – what motivates us – is often tough but it’s inevitably important and we should not let a day pass by without spending sometime reflecting and revitalizing the spiritual self in us.  Eventually that means to really listen tour deepest calling.

Maslow stated ‘Even if all our needs are satisfied, we may still often (if not always) expect that new discontent and restlessness soon to develop unless we are doing what we are fitted for. 

A musician must make music; an artist must paint a writer must write to be at peace…  What a person can be, they must be.  This need we call self-actualisation’.

At our highest level, we operate with purpose, we are growing stretching and utilizing our highest gifts, and talents.  Only then we will have a clear answer to the question of why we get up to do what it is we do.  For me it is to ‘Heal your Heart; Free Your Soul’ so I can give more to others with truth and integrity.

So I ask you to allow yourself the luxury to stop for a moment and ask yourself ‘Why am I here and who do I have to be?”I am curious to know what comes up. Drop me a Line!