why am I hereWhy Am I Here?

I know I have asked this question many times over and over again, wondering?

There came a point in my  life where I really wanted to understand my place in this world. For some discovering their life’s soul purpose isn’t significantly important to them to move forward in their lives but for some it becomes vital.

For me this was the case.

I realized there are the lucky ones who from the time know when they are children understood their life’s soul purpose and their parents nurtured their experiences  while others like myself were not so lucky and had to learn how to dig deeper and question ones existence.

The big questions ‘why am on on this earth?”‘ why am I here’ causes us to really consider why we are here on this physical plane.

I know that each of us has  a unique purpose, a gifts that we are to give, one that is given to us from the day we are born.

What one individual  is here to do will not be the same as it is for another.  Understanding this makes it easier as it allows us to freely express our individuality on our own terms.

These days there is a lot of talk about finding our life’s soul purpose and yes there are many ways to do this.  Yet one thing I do know is there MUST be a the  clearing of beliefs that do not support our purpose and getting the permission to do so.  This is because our EGO likes it just the way it is.

One of the ways you can start to understand your life’s soul purpose is to stop thinking about what other people want or expect for you to be and do.

All too often outside opinions and perceptions  lead us astray from who they truly are.

There are so many expectations that we have for ourselves that sometimes confusion really can block our truth of how we can be living our life with more certainty, clarity and confidence.

We can find that we lose our sense of direction even having truly considered their life purpose. This is very saddening because so many of us  live their lives unfulfilled.

Here you can begin the process of understanding your life’s soul purpose,

The first step is to stop considering the opinions and perceptions of other people.

The next step to find your life’s soul purpose is to ask yourself

“Why Am I Here”?

Life many we live our lives on autopilot totally unaware of who we truly are.

I am unsure of all the reasons, yet I do know that controlling our lives makes it a safer experience for ourselves.  The idea of wanting to know who we are opens the gates of uncertainty and sometimes real exposure. By taking the time to ask who I am allows us to consider without needing to fit anyone’s standards.

Oftentimes, asking this very simple question forces ‘Why am I Here?” opens up the gate to things in our lives that sometimes do not feel authentic. Where we think we have to give up the things in their lives to live differently.   Asking the simple question”Why Am I Here?” is essential to beginning the journey to find your life purpose. It can be challenging  to come to terms with who we are and what we want if we’re not willing to stop just for a brief second to consider anything more but the lives we have already created.

In many cases, meditation and self-reflection are essential to finding our life’s soul  purpose.

Meditation is the quieting of the mind and the body. This stillness allows us to relinquish the need to control everything all the time. By relinquishing this control we have the opportunity to go into ourselves and find the answers to life’s deepest questions such as what is my life purpose.

Discovering your life’s soul purpose can be easy or difficult depending on the beliefs and the noise in our heads that we hold about who we are, and the misalignment of the different selves that hold us back.

Everyone of us has the innate ability to understand their life’s soul purpose.  When we do, the expression of who we are is easy and the desire results we seek to have comes with confidence, clarity and certainty.

Everyone has innate potential live a life in alignment with their soul purpose in life.  It is just whether you want to know the answer to the question “Why Am I Here?”