knowingDo you ever experience the anxiety that comes from uncertainty?

That feeling that you don’t know what is yours to do or how to figure that out and get yourself to that ‘next place’.

I believe that not knowing what you desire can make you feel stuck, even depressed or anxious.

There are all kinds of reason we get stuck – everything from our family of origin history, to our current life or work experience, something we’ve been told.

Something that we believe – whether or not it’s true – that just keeps resonating, bouncing around in our minds.

We all grow up hearing ideas – about ourselves and the world around us – from our families. Many of us have negative things from that time that just won’t go away.

When you’re confused, or don’t know what to do or are uncertain what you think, when you are out of touch with what you genuinely desire, there are voices in our heads that can speak louder than our own.

If that happens to you, there are a few things you can do to counter and eventually overcome any negative voices or ideas.

First, identify your overpowering voice. What is it exactly? What is it saying to you? Pull it out clearly, so it’s more than just a vague feeling.

Next, create a message to counter that voice, that idea. If you have a hard time doing this – imagine what you’d say to someone you love – a best friend, a spouse, a child – if they came to you with these negative ideas about themselves.

How would you comfort them? What truth would you tell them about themselves? Tell that truth to yourself.

Next, visualise what you truly want. Take some quiet time and trust that the universe actually knows, you actually know – but you must create the space for the message, the knowing, to reveal itself.

If you allow it, it will surface and you’ll tap into your wisdom, learning exactly what you need to know. You’ll be directed to what is yours and yours alone to do.

Recognise when you hear the thoughts that have been playing for so long. Accept that they are not yours, or that they are yours to reject, replace, discard.

You don’t have to let negative ideas take up the precious real estate of your mind. No, you don’t!

Knowing and ideas come sometimes when we least expect them. They come from places we didn’t envision, couldn’t have thought of and didn’t imagine. Spending the time to get quiet and just be, letting things float to the surface of your consciousness will give you new input if you allow it. Knowing truly can come from anywhere, at any time.

You have the resources you need and the ability to know what is yours to do.

Give yourself the gift of time and attention.

Love yourself, your ideas, even your fears and your perceived weaknesses.

Be kind to yourself and discover your true self, your true calling.