goal setting, setting goals, goalsDo you every get really stuck when it comes to planning and goal setting?  I an sure you do.  Having the belief that everything that I do is possible (or at least that which what I want to create is possible) and believing that I can create the life I truly want is fundamental to reaching goals.

Becoming someone who is called a possibilist (not an optimist or a pessimist but a possibilist) is the first step in the formula, and is often where we get stuck.  Have you every written down goals following the formula of SMART and then looked at them and had this gut feeling that Oh Yeah! that is never going to happen.  You would not be the only one that felt this way.

Belief and Self – Confidence

Cutting through the lack of self-belief, self-confidence or faith to have what you want, and what is required to achieve that is always the first step.  This is where I have found contemporary  goal setting missing its mark !  Okay you can call me what you want! But being a truly sensitive intuitive person, this has been what has held me back.  As you can imagine if you wish to reach your full potential in you business or life, we have to cut through the crap first.    We have to have faith in our ability to do so.

If you wish to reach any level of achievement – your potential – using Emotional Freedom Techniques is an excellent way for addressing the doubts, uncertainty, lack of self belief, skepticism, and even can clear the events and episodes that have create the self limiting beliefs in the first place.

Know that Everything is Possible

Now that you understand that you need to listen to what is coming up for you.  Yes, SMART goals are important and if you are going to do this, it is best to plan goals with the beliefs that are consistently going to get you there.  Spend enough time so you can discern any fears or anxieties you may have had from previous goal planning experiences.    And ask, the authentically is this the right time and does if feel like it will be an enjoyable and fun experience.  No matter what, does doing goal planning for the sake of it, the right time for you when you will put the actions in place to achieve the results you want.

One thing more, I often questioned why do we put deadlines on goals.  As they have caused me great frustrations particularly when the goal hasn’t been realized.  We don’t know when things are going to happen in our lives.  There is so much attachment to the outcome, that we can often get enmeshed into the day to day clutter of doing forgetting that when there is space, allowed space, more will come into our lives.  We cannot dictate when things are going to happen, we do not know the gestation period  but we can know one thing – know what we want, know it is possible and the let go.

It works for me.  I hope this article was helpful.  Please leave a comment I would love to hear from you.