602 - Networking - Seamless TextureLately, I have been visiting networking groups, looking for the right group or groups to join to continue my personal mission of expanding my work and my business.

I posed a question to each group I visited: What is the most common reason people leave the group? I received a particularly curious answer from one group who told me that the reason most people left was because they had too much business!

There are two ways to think about this response: One is that the remaining members of the group were not very successful in their business. The other is that the people who left didn’t have an abundance mentality or an expansion plan and so this most profitable group was not a fit for them.

If something is working, why stop? If you find a group that can refer a lot of business then why leave it? Having too much business is a good problem to handle. I’m looking forward to enjoying that very problem!

My business has a strong spiritual component — coaching and assisting people to manifest their life’s mission. When my clients have ‘too much’ business, that serves as a testament to the good work that I am doing with them. There are so many different ways to handle the over flow of abundance but stopping it is not an option!

You see this in how people handle their personal lives as well. They perceive events in their lives as  problems instead of challenges. Or a ‘bad problem’ as opposed to a ‘good problem’. Some people refuse to confront their challenges even though doing so will bring in lots of opportunities and abundance. They choose what they perceive are easier paths because that particular challenge overwhelms them.

Sometimes people stop doing what works is because they think it isn’t working fast enough and they want faster results. But as we all know, there are no quick fixes, no get rich quick schemes out there, no investment that is 100% risk free. And, often the groundwork takes the time and people quit right before they realize the benefits of all their efforts.

And sometimes people stop doing what works because they have become complacent and lazy. The lower mind kicks in and wants the easier way out. But we know the Law of the Universe tells us that what we put out is what we get back in return.

If you have a skill, or a system that has been working to help you to gain greater abundance and serve more people, don’t stop doing it! You just need to be consistent in your efforts and keep improving on it. Don’t make the common mistake of saying ‘well, this works, so now what else can I do?’ and drop the thing that works.

In fact, whatever else you do, don’t stop doing what works. Your patience will pay off in a big way when you believe in what you’re doing and you keep at it.

Your Assignment From This Article:

Make a list of things you have done either on the personal or business level that got you results, added to your abundance and your ability to serve others better.

Next, ask yourself why did you stop doing them?  If you stopped because you were lazy, complacent, couldn’t be bothered, found it too much hard work, or were afraid, then you need to re-think your goals and purpose in life. Ask yourself if you want a life of purpose or if you want a life of regrets?

If you stopped because life got in the way, then you need to work on creating better systems and get your time and life better organized. Remember: Don’t say you don’t have enough time. We all have enough time, but you need to use it wisely and that takes effort – very worthwhile effort.

As Jackson Brown Jr. so aptly put it “You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein”.

If you are doing all the things on your list but have not seen increased results, you need to see how you can improve or change what you’re doing or maybe just have a little more patience. Take your list and get some feedback from a friend or business colleague who can help you to see better what you may not be doing or seeing – we often can’t see clearly what we know so well. Perhaps you have been blinded and standing too close to the things you feel passionate about. A fresh perspective may be all that’s needed.

Happy working!

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