Why Women are in Business

A book written in 1916, ‘The Ambitious Woman in Business’ by Anne Rosenblatt written in 1916 explains:

Women go into business because they consider it was to be the modern marriage.

Did she presume that women went to work in business or to own a business to devoid themselves of housework?

Women went into business to attract the elusive eligible man in the business world”

This was not unusual at the time.  HOWEVER, is definitely not the image of the woman of today?

Anne further writes:

The Future of Women in Business will be affected by the level of education they hold.

Firstly, she will have a broad basis of education, so that she knows how to live intelligently.

Secondly, she will definitely have a satiable thirst for business information and tactics.

Third, she will have a large goal, because she will have aspirations and passion for a complete career.  She will have a career that propels her into a senior position.

She will own her own home, whether married or note, and because of this she will do all she can to attain a complete and fulfilled life.

She will learn to think for herself and not just to take instructions form others.

The businesswoman of the future will plan her life independently.

Marriage will only become a part of her plan, just as it is part of the plan for a man.

When it comes to just becoming a mother, she will know how to earn a living for herself even in the absence of working for another.

She will know what is beautiful, because she has been educated to see these things.  She is also an intuitive sensitive person whose natural instinct is to nurture.

Her aesthetic ideas will not be limited the embellishment of her own person, but will use her skills to beautify her surroundings, wherever that is for her.

The businesswoman of the future will be complete, radiant strong – self -sustaining and full of the joy of living.

Sound Familiar?

Today, the separation between what was and is now; women do stand in their own power, in the power of generosity and compassion.

They have learned how to find the time to build a business while changing diapers and comforting their children.

Women intuitively recognize beauty and know the sense of peace and well-being that an ordered well-appointed life brings. You know this subconsciously – as if it is programmed in.

You thrive on the responsibility to manage the multi- task of running a business and keeping a family.

You are full of creative and full of ideas. You feed on intelligent, thought-provoking communication.

Today things have changed so much from the early 1900’s  where women can now  explore their differences and reclaim who they are without  being threatening or being labelled as odd or worse aggressive or pushy.

Now, it is the privilege for women today to express what is right for them

Did Anne get it right or not?