Worthy or Not?

Our busy-ness is not a measure of our worthOH, the stories we tell ourselves.

Our minds work over time it seems, filling us with fear and negativity, ‘raw worry’ about the future. Who are we to decide that we’re not worthy? Who are we not to live bold and beautiful lives, full of all the richness there is to be had? Full of beauty and wonder? Why not? Why not you, why not me, why not us?

We all have some limiting beliefs and the journey to conquer those beliefs is a rich and wonderful path to walk. It’s about making choices, re-framing our intent, our desires, our belief about what is ours to do and what’s available to us.

It begins with believing that you are worthy of having what you desire- whatever that is, no matter how simple or how developed and complex, it can be your choice and you can make that choice your reality.

When the negative voices in your head pipe up and start tearing you down, or filling you with fear and doubt, one thing I’ve found helpful is to imagine what you would say to a loved one if they brought you these thoughts, and fears.

If their mind was reeling with doubt and they shared the ‘tapes’ that run in all our heads at one time or another, what would you say to that person? How would you soothe and reassure them? What do you believe about them?

Then ask yourself, do you believe that about you?  What is the basis for your current belief?   What accurate information do you have for maintaining these beliefs?

Can you believe that and extend that same loving care to yourself, to reassure yourself, to put yourself at ease and to know your own intrinsic worth and value? Will changing your beliefs about yourself and your situation change your life?  What you believe bout you defines who you are.

We tend to be much kinder to others and more filled with compassion than we are for ourselves.

Do you ever wonder why that is?

I don’t know the reason, but I DO know that trying that technique does two things that are very useful. First, it allows you step away from your angst for a moment and look at it from a distance which can be very useful and often the first step so solving whatever is troubling you.

Second, it begins to teach you how to think and talk – in your mind or out loud – to yourself in a way that’s kind and caring and full of love. That softens your spirit and changes your outcomes and puts you in a better state of mind, which really begins to shift and change everything.

Try to reinvent yourself and your thoughts in this one small way. Come up with a word for yourself. Kindness. Care. Stop.

Whatever the word is that will remind you to be kinder to yourself, to shift your thinking ‘outside yourself’ and to be kind and loving. Your world will start to spin on a more gentle access and subtly, but often quickly, your life will change and the spinning will slow down and then stop.

Love yourself – you are truly valuable and worthy of this tender care.