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10 May
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I have always been reluctant to call my self an entrepreneur,  It doesn’t seem fitting to be doing what you love and being called an ‘entrepreneur’.   The true predictable entrepreneurs are known best for building a business for profits only. Working hard; putting the time in and unfortunately playing, family and having fun is often limited.

Although the true entrepreneurs are good at creative thinking and visioning, the old adage ‘All work and no play’ is well fitted to today’s entrepreneur which often makes them a dull bunch.    This is not because they are creative but often the focus is just on making a profit.     There energy is focused only on the dollars and ‘who said greed is good’ when a lifestyle of freedom, which I am sure is why they really go into business, is really diminishing.    The entrepreneurs careers take up a major part of their time, and then they have very little time and energy left for their friends and family, and even their personal well being.

Would you then call yourself an entrepreneur if it is only about money!  If you do what you love, want to create a lifestyle which is so deserving (make money) living for a definite purpose, Absolutely[! ]    Awaken the “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”!   Anyone who starts a business from a place of passion and not just profit is the new generation ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’.   Their biggest motivation of the ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ is an overwhelming desire to live on purpose, have independence and have quality of life.   Lifestyle Entrepreneurs dream of working for themselves, and running a business that is in tune with how they want to live their life.  Not the other way around.   Therefore, practically anyone with an independent curiosity and sense of creativity can take up lifestyle  all the essential elements of a successful entrepreneurship.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs start businesses that they are passionate about. Any business, even if it is in pursuit of a passion or interest, tough, still requires set-up, like a plan, a service or product, funding, and a market to sell the service or product. The success of a rewarding lifestyle is by far one of the greatest achievements you can attain.  Lifestyle entrepreneurs strive achieve such a success but often don’t get there. Here are some ways to create a lifestyle from your passion:

  • Passion – What compels you in your business; the ultimate drivers that will this sustain you during the tough times; will your passions change as your business grows.
  • What do you Stand For – To become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, you must define certain values and principles and honour them in both your personal as well as business life.   Successful lifestyle entrepreneurs are required to know exactly what is important for their business.
  • Where do You Want to Go Visualize what you will be doing three years down the line. Create a Vision – Dream Big – if you can think it you can create it.
  • Realistic expectations are one of the key factors of becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.  Not only will this provide a meaningful goal, but can also be useful in formulating methods of achieving it.
  • How are you Going to Make it Happen Knowledge is not enough, application is more important. Top performers will tell you that lasting success can only come through hard work. The more you work the better results you reap.  Create a plan of action that is result oriented that allows for free time.   Follow a 50/10 rule.

What resources do you need:

  • Do Dump Delegate – It is advisable to getting support in areas that do not fall under your expertise.  Get the expert people to do your work for you that will provide you with more freedom and time to focus on gaining profits for your business. This way, your business will be your main concern, and not other lesser tasks that form an intrinsic part of any business.
  • Stop Trading Time for Dollars:  Generate Passive Income – Generating a stream of passive income will build your brand name. Passive income involves referral programs, affiliate programs, and pay-for-inclusion committees.
  • Get Support:  As  most entrepreneurs do what they do become they love their work, often hate the idea of running and sales of a business.    Having the support of a mentor/coach (refer why hire a coach)

Becoming a Lifestyle entrepreneurship removes the competitiveness and the usual drawbacks that apply to traditional entrepreneurship, that can lead to a more meaningful and rewarding life.  Becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur could be the right choice for you.

Doing what you love does not necessarily mean you will earn the income and lifestyle you desire. At the end of the day, business is business and a Lifestyle entrepreneurs needs to make sure their business is profitable.   By maintaining good financial records, and using good business tactics, getting the assistance of a coach/mentor, the business can generate a good income and profits.

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