You know when you know when it’s right. When something resonates deep in your soul and touches your heart. Sometimes we ignore the calling – when we think we’re not good enough, not ready enough, the thing we long for is too expensive – or we believe it is. There can be some many reasons we ignore what we know.

The funny thing is, the reverse is also true, we think something might be right and we wonder and we rationalize and we come up with every reason that it might be so. We always know the truth though, don’t we?

You can’t go wrong listening to your heart. It’s really your deep inner voice, your true knowing that is speaking to you. You can however, ‘go wrong’ when you don’t listen to your heart. We’ve all done it. Done something we thought we ought to do or seemed right in the moment – but it didn’t turn out well and if we had stopped and thought it through beforehand, we could have predicted the outcome.

Why don’t we listen to our inner wisdom? There are lots of reasons and as busy as we are and as fast as we move, sometimes we just don’t slow down enough to pay attention. Have you ever been close to making a decision and then decided to ‘sleep on it’ and see how you felt in the morning? Don’t you always know what to do the next day? It’s because your mind has had time to disengage, you get quiet and the truth bubbles up.

The waiting and slowing also gives us time to tune in to our true feelings rather than just acting in the energy of the moment. When you take the time – even just a few minutes to take a few deep breaths and sit quietly – the answer that is in your heart comes to the surface. It doesn’t take long and it’s always true. If you do that and you still don’t know – there’s your answer. It’s not right, not now. Sleep on it – put it aside for as long as needed and then cycle back. You’ll know. Not knowing is its own answer. To your own heart be true – you’ll never regret it.

Need help tuning in to your true wisdom or your heart’s passion and desire? Let’s talk.  It’s simpler than you might realize and you’re closer than you might imagine!