valuesI often ask coaching clients to share their most closely held beliefs and values.

To define what’s important to them.

When you create a list of what you care about, what’s meaningful to you and what you want more of in your life, you can know check every offer and opportunity against that list.

Review the list  below and see if you’re living your values.

If not, what can you change? How can you get back in alignment?

How do you feel when you’re not living your values? Chances are you feel tired and drained and perhaps confused.

When you’re in alignment and living for your higher purpose – which is the guiding star – your values, then you feel alive and excited by life and possibilities.

 Here are some useful questions to get you started:

♥What must you have in your life to feel fulfilled?

♥What are the values you absolutely MUST honor – or a part of your dies?

♥What values do you see in your own life?

♥What values do you sell out on first?

♥Where do you values show up?

♥Which are sometimes neglected?

♥Where are you too flexible?

♥What value is being stretched a bit too much?

♥What are your wants versus your musts?

♥Where are you an automatic?

♥Where do you limit yourself?

♥If you didn’t limit yourself what might you do?

♥What value would that uphold?

♥Where are you too comfortable?

♥What are you willing to risk?

♥What will free you up?

If someone asks you to work on a project, or partner in a business venture – you run down your list. Are the ideas in alignment? Move forward.

Do you feel the energy drain right out of you? Not a match for your values.  This is where you can define if you are congruent with what you are doing.

When you get to experience the states you most desire you will be ‘successful’ according to your definition that you feel will make you successful.  Whenever events happen where you behave the way that is contrary to your value you can tend to feel uncomfortable.  Continuing this can cause long term setbacks

“Failure to live your values is not a setback, it is a real failure” One Minute Millionaire

There is no meaningful goal setting without your values clarification.  The keys to success will happen when you can work out what is most important to you and then spend most of your time, energy, and money on those things.  You may even surprise  yourself on what the values are that you hold for yourself and your business.

We all know that feeling of resistance, of being stuck or unhappy that comes from not living what we believe. It comes down to choice in the end, the choice to live what you believe. We like to think we’re victims of our circumstances, but we always get to choose and that’s true in every moment. Every time you make a choice for your good, you step into your values and you feel the resistance ease and the energy flow.

I assure you that you can feel like that more and more of the time. You’re here to live out your true purpose and the quicker you step into that and what is yours to do, the faster the universe will line up and deliver you to your rightful, work, relationships, financial abundance, all of it!

You are innately who you are with key values that drive your life AND there are values you can grow into by making choices and behaving and thinking deliberately to embody those choices.

I help my clients understand their values and then shift into living them more fully by doing a values elicitation.

It’s a powerful experience. Success begins – and happens quickly – when you are living the expression of your deepest inner energy and self. This is an invitation to come explore with me!

Ready? Email me today and let me help you on the path.