Your Story: Share the Power

12 May

Share the Power

Your business is about helping someone with something, hopefully lots of someones  And asking for and receiving help is tricky thing with us humans.

People you know the you’s and me’s in the world, generally aren’t that keen on admitting they need help.  So to avoid jam-ups you want to create a direct line between the help and people as possible.

People love to hear of your successes and often will model them.  As well, the challenges we face in achieving our life purpose and overcoming obstacles are the learnings we can also give to others. 

Here are some questions to answers that will help you?

  • Why did you create the business you have?
  •  What difference do you want to make in people’s lives, in your community, in the world?
  •   If you could tell people just one thing about how important your service/product is, what would that be?
  • What is a dream that came true for you?
  • What incident has changed/shaped your life to make you who you are now?
  • Why is what you do in your business important to you? 

Your potential clients only really want to know what they are going to get from working with you. 

  • How will you help them?
  • What will be different?
  • How does their business or life change? Be specific.

You will want to list your benefits here (you would have these from previous exercises`.  For instance, you might say, “They feel healthier.”  Now you want to add some oomph and just like you would add some hot sauce to your dinner.  In this case, you could say, “You feel healthier and have more energy than you did 20 years ago.”  Keep in mind that you want to stand out from others in your industry.  Rather than saying the same old, same old, how can you become more distinctive?

As an exercise, sit down and write out the key events, experiences – positive and seemingly negative that have brought to you to where you are today. What are the highlights and key points? What were the scary moments, the things you’d do again and the things you wish you’d never done?

Everyone has a story.

And, in these days of social media marketing, your story counts more than ever. Why? Because people want to know you – who you are, what makes you tick, how you know what you know.  And your story is probably more interesting than you realize – to others and to you too. Chance are something about what you’ve done, how you’ve done it and who you’ve become in the process is something people want to hear about.

Sometimes the things we’re most ashamed of, or feel the worst about are the experiences that in the end, grew us the most. If you’re able to unearth those and share them with others, they’ll be able to benefit from your learning, your growth and the knowledge and wisdom you gained.

Remember that old cliché: what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Like most clichés, it gets repeated down the years for a reason – it holds seeds of truth. No one becomes a success without making mistakes. Mistakes are enough our most powerful moment of growth, learning and reflection. When you decide to be courageous and take a close look at those ‘mistakes’ and are able to realize what they brought you and how you’ve grown from them, you integrate them into your experience and become a more fully realized stronger person.

When you are willing to take it a step further and share that with others, you may find that you’re on the hero’s journey, the path of self-discovery and enlightenment that illuminates the way for those who follow behind. It’s bold, it’s courageous and it’s enormously empowering. You’ve heard: be the change you want to see? What better way than by inspiring others (and perhaps yourself in the process) with your own journey, your own story.

Be bold – take the time to acknowledge you, your courage and your experience and make a point of sharing it with others and see how it helps them – and you – grow and expand even further. Here’s to embracing our power, our stories, our courage and our experience. To You!


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