your vision is visceralYour vision needs to be compelling and they need to pull you forward. In fact a big, juicy vision does just that. It pulls you toward the outcome you desire. You become excited and moved by it you think about it often and feel positive and motivated.  This energy keeps the ball rolling.  It literally starts to feel like you’re being pulled down the path toward what is yours to do, to be and to have.

Your vision is visceral

Transition  your vision and give it to the universe.  The universe is lining up experiences, situations and people to feed into your big vision.   Just waiting for your to imagine it.  When you tap what is it you want, truly,  and will see it and feel it.  It becomes viscerally real and it comes into being as a result. It’s a universal law of experience. Desire it and the very fun of creation feels great.  Very purposeful and just plain good.


Just because you get it figured out and experience wonderful energy of being pulled toward your vision, there will be miss-steps along the way. You’ll have moments of confusion and moments of complete clarity. You’ll sometimes get sidetracked. It’s important to know this so that you can expect these things on your journey.  Do not get thrown off when this happens.   The tendency can feel uncertainty forever as it seems never to eventuate.  .

Even in the midst of pure clarity of site and purpose, you will get thrown off course.  Remember it is part of the journey and temporary.  Your big vision is still waiting.   Something may need to be readjusted, or changed. The big picture of creating and realizing your vision is a process, not an event. Understanding this, even expecting it will help keep everything in perspective and keep you moving forward.

Vision with pure certainty and visualization create movement.  Go after it!    Remember  people will want to put you down and stop you from succeeding.  Sometimes even your friends could be jealous of your ambitions, often shutting you down our or criticizing you.  Listening will sabotage your success.  .  Your internal vice says “why would you be doing this, when you have everything already”.  Shut these gremlins down.

Fix on your Vision – then plot your course!

Movement(!)  What is it you truly want?   Knowledge is great though without feeling it is nothing.  Make it happen – see  it in techno-color, surround sound, 3D.  Visualizing will create a counter-message to that gremlin –shutting it down.    I know it may sound silly in this context, but when you tap into these subconscious desires visually, with color,  feelings of desire you will find over a period of time you are able to trust your ability to create and have more of what you want..

If you have the opportunity to re-create your business or life, would you?