FreedomOur search for freedom is encircled by the concepts of having more, doing more and becoming more.  It is this interpretation of the world as we know it that keeps us in the mode of striving.

Our lens of life has become distorted by the perceptions of the world around us, affecting our attitude and behaviours.

We continually seek to prove ourselves to  fit into a world that only the ego knows how to.

And while we believe this is the way, its keeps changing(!)  

The more we have the more we want!

Your task is given to you when you were born.  TO create the future you want the best way possible.  Your purpose (sense of direction) most likely includes your personal desires all forming  part of the recipe with no limitations.  

Yet, You seek for  what you want to do and have believing this  is all you need is given by the external world around you.   This motivation to create envisions your world developing plans and setting goals for the future.  The declarations often created are generic, random and blue sky.  At the end of the visioning process most of it looks like a lot of different stuff you want to have.  

Could See Freedom Differently?

Your ego creates the future you want (!)  As you still ask from an ego perspective.   This level of self-image, self-worth and self-importance holds no value if you seek to create from a Higher Perspective.   Your effort in trying to change things that you don’t like is often futile and creates poor design.

If you think of freedom in this way you are bound to seeking more of what you don’t have already.  Somewhere there is a part of you that believes you will feel deprived for what you do not have.  It is crazy to believe that having more will give you the freedom you seek.

The ideas of creation are concepts that man has given us.  That we must obey these ideas to create, to  protect and shelter us from harm.  To have  more of what is extended to us in the material world.  When we don’t receive them, we experience intense pain or anxiety.  All attacking us keeping us tied to the world as we know it.

It is not easy to move from what we know as real and true. Our personal selfish desires are at the expense of our ego and equally important yet is it our task to manifest in the world.   

If you look at your life from a higher perspective your vision to create is no longer futile and selfish.   

Your readiness to hear the VOICE  of your higher self, the ONE that speaks to you of truth of what you are here to be and do can bring you  endless direction.

Joy will come.

Here is where you will find your statement of freedom.  It is your acknowledgement of your true purpose.  You have  the opportunity in this lifetime to live with a specific purpose.  Working with specificity of purpose  in alignment with your Higher Self is where  manifestation, and direction, with certainty comes.

Enquire with  your Higher Self  – this is where  you will find TRUTH of direction.  

Amazing things will happen

The ability to self-reflect and ask the right questions along with the understanding on how to tap into your higher guidance and wisdom will change your life.

No one has your life purpose as it is yours alone.