A Handbook forFemininePower Spirited Women Who Want to Make A Difference

“You are a women among women, a canny fighter, and a steely sovereign –where you take out what you want from and into your life remembering each night is as important as every other night, each day is yours for the taking”Harriett Rubin

The Art of Feminine Power
Step into your Magnificence!
Your Invitation Early Wisdom

 18 precise Lessons that work together one by one all designed to awaken your inner genius and to ignite the essence of you. You’re the Power of Your Own Truth – Stop Playing Others Games

You will be Greater than You Were Yesterday.

My inspiration to write “The Art of Feminine Power” came after reading the book ‘Princessa’ by Harriet Rubin originally written from Machiavelli’s Prince in 1512 that I wanted to bring to you some of its essence in today terms, the ideas, and the spirit that which it was written.

I have used the ideas of the ‘Prince’ and the “Princessa” and expanded on the tactics to what I now call Secrets. Anyone can follow the steps of a recipe and create a dish. The power is in following these secrets – all of them – all far-reaching actions that are precise in truth

This lesson series is for you, who be sitting somewhere where it is safe, secure and yet you want to take control of your life, your love ones don’t get it , you want to overcome the troubles that you face. You want to do this in a selfish yet spirited way, because unless you have the ideal of being selfish enough to care about how you feel, and there intent to what you desire.

Much of book, The Art of Feminine Power,  is set up as a workbook with places to put you on pause as you contemplate the answers. I recommend that you get a notebook to write as you go through this book, as it will become far more powerful. Some of the questions can be uncomfortable at times to answer or may bring up some doubts, fears or dis beliefs. I suggest you note these as there is a chapter at the end to help you to start to remove the resistance that would be holding you back.

This Art of Feminine Power is not about crushing and controlling others to achieve your aims, but to stand in the intimacy of knowing yourself and holding that as your power that will ultimately mend the conflicts that are held within you.

If you listen, you will be shown the way towards a new kind of prominent life, that is world affirming and joyful and that does not depend on the structures of an organized contemporary life and ourselves.

Today as in early times, you are the concierge to a new path and the custodian of this one.

As you work through the book, resistance and excuses will tend to come up. (At least, they will if you are like most human beings). That’s OK. The guides are structured to help you to remove resistance and overcome your excuses.

Another point, as the book is meant to dig deeper into the essence of you, is to stay in quiet and separation from others as you dig into your inner source. Then and only then will these lessons become integrate – each step of the way – successfully when you enter your inner foundation of knowledge. At the end of the book, is a Quick Review Guide written with the key points of every lesson as a reminder of ‘The Art of Feminine Power”.

Creating something new that is unique to you involves MORE! It is a combination of your vision, your innovation, your decision to make a difference, a determination and persistence that will carry you through both the good and the bad times.

Anyone can follow the steps of a recipe and create a dish, and so you can follow this recipe and create the brilliant life you love. You will discover true power in following these secrets. Full of truth and far-reaching actions put into simple lessons you can embrace and put into action in your life right away.

The Art of Feminine Power is for you.   You may be sitting somewhere safe and secure and yet you want more.  You want to caress the spirit of your life, even if those in your life don’t understand your longing. You’re ready to overcome the tribulations that you face, the way the young princes of the Florentine era were desperate to achieve great lines of defense.

You long to be more ‘selfish’ yet spirited way.  Selfish because you must be selfish enough to care about how you feel, and take that with intention to what you truly desire.

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