comfort zone changes in your life change change as an upgrade avoid being fearful

Afraid or Ready for Change?

Are you a person who cannot seem to get out of your comfort zone?

When you take that leap, does it stretch you?

If you want to take charge of everything in your life,  you would major change is always part of the process.

You can start by asking yourself to get up and get out of your comfort zone. Or, perhaps one of the big reasons you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone is because you are so afraid of change.

As many, fear is the roadblock to any change.  It may be you fear the idea that everything around you will disappear.    You might not be able to cope. Yes, this appears to be uncomfortable as any change is new.   Though, keep in mind that change happens every day and you will certainly experience changes in your life.

Do you have the courage to face these changes in your life. Here are some tips on how embrace change.

Think of Change as an Upgrade

You may not like to get out of your comfort zone because it involves so many changes that may cause you to have anxiety attacks. However, not all changes are bad.  Actually, life changes are life lessons that mold your personality.. Think of change as an upgrade, which can help you cope with the many challenges in your life. Leaving your comfort zone is a learning experience offering you so many lessons.   An upgrade is always a good thing so don’t be afraid to go out there and experience those changes.

Trust Yourself

Change can be scary.  Particularly, if you not confident enough in yourself to accept the challenges offered.    Going through changes and doing things that are entirely out of your control can be unsettling.  Change, of course,  will always take you out of your comfort zone(!)

See Change as an Opportunity

There is an old Chinese symbol crisis = opportunity.   Sometime change can be seen as a crisis particularly if there is a major transition such as divorce or retrenchment for you job.  Mostly, these changes have been offered as another door opening for the opportunities that lay ahead.  If the lessons are not taken up or learned… unfortunately they repeat themselves one way or another.

Changing your career or doing something new opens new opportunities to enrich your life. Sometimes, good things come in unexpected ways. Consider taking a look at the situation from a new angle, perhaps could there be some hidden blessings?

How can we avoid being Fear the Face of Our Limitation

There are still many ways on how you can avoid being fearful of change.  Change is inevitable. You have what it takes to move and weave through life without hurting yourself and the people around you.

Give yourself more credit than this.  You are here today to learn and bring what you learn to the table and strong enough to face these challenges.  Think of those times when you’ve dealt with big changes in your life and how you made it through. Never allow yourself to be defeated because in the end, you will always figure out what to do.

Ask Yourself?

What areas of your life do you need certainty?

  • Where do you feel out of your comfort zone?

  • How do you feel to take a quantum leap in your career?

  • How much money are you prepared to invest in yourself?

  • At what point does the amount of money you invested in yourself feel uncomfortable?

  • When is it not okay for not being all right?

  • Do you ever feel it is not working the way you want it do?

  • Are there feelings of unworthiness or do you feel you have to fit in to be accepted?

  • It is safe to…

  • It is possible to…

  • Will I keep my identity if…

  • I give myself permission to…

Have faith and you will eventually learn to embrace the lessons put forward to you.