It's all about the process

My journey these last few years has been an interesting one of self-discovery. I’ve invented and re-invented my ideas, my goals, my vision, my purpose, my mission, re-evaluated by values – and more than once.

In other words, my journey has been one of change. It’s been a peaceful and wonderful journey.  It hasn’t been always successful and rewarding.  Regardless of this it has been rewarding in other ways.   AND you know what? I’m good with that! Here’s why….

I’ve come to deeply embrace the notion that self-development becoming self-aware is a never-ending process, not a on off event. It’s a series of steps of creation, tweaking, looking and examining more deeply what I want to give to the world.

The question of why I am here.  Asking what my purpose is.  How I can contribute and give to what best serves my purpose in the context of my work and life.

Often, creation or launching new ideas, we get so focused on the outcome and results.

It makes sense – after all, we’re taught to be goal oriented, to create an idea or a goal and then set all the wheels in motion to achieve that goal – to make things happen.

And that’s good, nothing wrong with this process.   But – and this is a big but – we often get so focused on the outcome that we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the journey.

It becomes something to rush through in a hurry to get it done, get it ready, make it happen. Again, nothing wrong with any of that.   EXCEPT that sometimes by being more thoughtful and allowing the process to flow, we achieve greater gains with less frustration.

Nonetheless, I don’t think we have to make any process unnecessarily long (or painful). Though I do think we need to allow things the time they take to unfold properly.

There is a tendency in society today we must make things happen NOW!  Of course, then we make several half-hearted attempts, or consequently judge ourselves harshly when something doesn’t succeed.

We react by swinging in an opposite direction, failing to take what was good or what we learned.  At the same time, to look at what we can do to make it better and stay with the goal regardless of the path taken.    Here is the learning that gives us the knowledge and wisdom to succeed.

Talk to any anyone and if they’re honest with themselves and with you, they’ll likely tell you that achievement was a journey of invention, re-invention and testing the waters and testing them again.

What is true for so many of us is that we resist instead of understanding and accepting that is a process and there is no way around that.

Embrace the Process

So, learn to embrace it and realize that to get from inception to realization is a journey.  The journey is where we live our lives. Let that journey unfold and embrace it, love it, be grateful for your own creativity and ability to thrive and bring your passion to life.

Instead of looking back and laughing over the process appreciate how it finally turned into what you envisioned.  Laugh now, love the process now and you’ll find that you’ll love the result and everything in between.

In the end, it doesn’t have to be perfect, by any measure, it just must be yours.  Be authentic, genuine and heartfelt. It’s about your process, no one else’s.

Trust me; the rest will fall into the place if only you let it.