GoalsAchieve your Goals – Make it Happen

As we begin writing for 2019 our plans, all in the present tense and getting emotionally attached to our vision and goals, sometimes we get intimidated.

But truly, goal setting is just a blueprint for the life you want to achieve and live!

We often set (or reset) our goals at milestones – our birthday, an anniversary, at the New Year.

The nice thing about the New Year is about what do you want and what are you willing to change to have this.

Make this about what YOU want. Not about what you think you should want or should be doing and not what someone else thinks we ought to be doing, or wishes we were.

This is the time to decide what will make you happy and feel accomplished.

What would you do if you didn’t care what anyone else thought?

Get Committed – The Pain Questions

What will you miss out on if you don’t make changes in this area?

What will it cost you if things stay the same in this area?

How will it hinder you spiritually, emotionally, financially or physically if things don’t change?

Get Committed – The Pleasure Questions

If you make this change in your life how will you feel about yourself?

What kind of momentum will you have in your life when you achieve your vision?

How would you feel if you were consistently moving forward towards living a life you really love?

What do you want to achieve in various areas of your life: financial, health, spiritual, relationships and work satisfaction? Take the time to think this through and write it down. Be bold!

Get Out of Your Head into Your Heart?

To surrender to our true self, we need to be open and use our heart.    In our daily life our brain dominants and therefore the true spirit of true self is cage.

In the step to follow you will ask for guidance of the goals you want to set? Are they really what you true self desires most?

Next, using your higher guidance, brainstorm a list of goals.

Next, feel (not think) what you want to accomplish.  Sit in your heart and feel if this is really what you desire. Take your time as your heart knows what is best.

Once you have a good list of a dozen or so potential goals, look through it for the one or two that you think will serve you best.

They should be achievable, but require some effort and challenge to achieve. (If they appear either easy or impossible, they’ll be less motivating.)

What makes you feel great?

If you only focus on one are of your life – career or business for example, you’re telling yourself (and the universe) that’s all you care about. That isn’t true! When you take the time to think about the holistic being you and set goals for ALL the aspects of your life:  career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality and emotional wellness, you begin to envision a balanced lifestyle, which is what will make you feel happy and satisfied – ultimately.

We’re more likely to do that which we can wrap our feelings around.

Small steps. Break each goal down into mini-goals or actions that add up to the final goal.

Once you’ve picked out a winner or two, work them more specifically. They should be clear enough that it will be obvious whether or not it happened.

“Get more clients” is too vague to tell whether it happened or not. “Get three new paying clients by the end of the year” is specific enough to know whether it happened.

Also, make sure you word them so you’ll be happy when you achieve them. (Three clients who paid you $1 each are technically “paying,” but you probably wouldn’t be very excited about meeting the goal that way.)

Visual and Manifest

You may want to visualize yourself reaching each goal and mini-goal. You can even build in rewards. Small, but delicious. An hour to yourself to sit in a café and day dream – a Saturday with no plans, to do whatever you want.

Make it happen.  Create a vision board and fill it with feeling – your emotions will work much better than a list of what you think will.

Now that you’ve taken the time to feel and see through what you want, create mini-goals. These are the steps to the larger goals. Big goal overwhelm, tasks are manageable and move us toward the desired outcome much more easily.

How “on purpose” do You want to lead Your life?

Taking some sort of action every day to achieve your goals lets your super-subconscious mind know that you are serious about what you are doing.

In fact, your higher guidance is there to support you – so don’t ignore the messages.

Enlist support!

Having someone in your court makes all the difference in the world. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or incapable – it means you’re human.

Do you have a  planning strategy  – are you going to use to support you in achieving your goal?

What type of structure or accountability are you going to use to support you in achieving your goal?

Obstacles make us stronger.  Is there a support system can you put into place to help you overcome obstacles?

Is there a concrete action plan that motivates to keep the momentum going?

How are  you going to continue moving forward to achieve the vision you have for yourself in this key area?

Get a coach or join a support group of like-minded people who can help you with your goals. A coach can be great encouragement and a cheerleader for you, but can also get you moving when you are stuck. Asking for help is not a weakness but strength, as life doesn’t happen alone.


It takes courage to ask for help – give it a try and watch your goals become more and more achievable – they’ll be within reach and then become reality.

The universe will always conspire with you with to make it happen.

Happy 2019!