marketing hellMost of us get into to business to share skills and talents with people who need what we offer and benefit from our services. However, in order to create a thriving business, we all need people who know what we offer, how it helps them and then how they can find us so we can connect what we do with what they need.

Enter marketing.

The thing most of us didn’t get in business to do. And, for many business owners, the thing they actually abhor. Even those who like it find it can be an onerous and time-consuming task. There are two simple solutions – outsource your marketing to someone competent who loves bringing you business, or find a way to love it yourself. Here are some ideas for you….

If you consider that what you offer is a solution to someone’s problem, then if you figure out who those someone’s are a way to communicate with them on a regular basis, you’ve solved half (or more!) of the challenge.

Make a list of the problems you solve.

Take it a step deeper and write down the pain someone feels – someone who is need of what you offer, that is. What keeps them awake worrying at night and how can you help solve that problem? Communicate that to them. First, they need to know that you genuinely understand what they’re going through. Next, they want to know that you can help them solve the problem.

People are motivated by two primary things – to gain pleasure or avoid pain.

We take action far more quickly to avoid pain. Remember, you are not the cause of their pain, you are their solution. Showing them what the pain is is not about making them hurt, but about telling them you understand.

None of us wants help from someone who doesn’t really understand what we’re going through. So, you demonstrate your understanding but putting their concerns front and center and then sharing solutions.

If you can share some solutions at no cost, it gives you the opportunity to make an impression, let people get to know you and do some good in your community in the process. Once you’ve sorted some of this out, you’ll see more clearly and you’ll also know if you feel moved to act on what you’ve discovered, or if you need help from someone else.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and avoid marketing – it’s been the death of many a great business and sadly too, because your business that shares your passion and talent is yours to do and if people don’t know what you offer they miss out on your great gift – and possibly so do you!

If any of this makes you uncomfortable – you’re not alone.

If you want a great way to delve deeper into who you are, what you offer and why – take a look at my new book:  The Art of Feminine Power.   Here’s to YOUR success!