Why do we do this to ourselves?

We end up in job we hate and after three years feel stuck as the money is more important than the life we can live. 

I have absolutely done this to myself… and I am sure that many of you have done the same. In fact, I often wrestle with this very dilemma.

Shouldn’t I just continue in this job….. it is easier(!)

Isn’’t a job what normal people do?

My neighbors look at me strangely because of the way I feel about my work, it isn’t normal. I read more philosopy and religion than fictional books.  I am still in my pajamas at 3pm when it is time to pick my son up from school …little do they know that I  have been hunkered down in my office pounding on my computer creating genius programs and workshops. But sometimes it doesn’t always feel like genius work if it isn’’t instantly fruitful.

So how do you balance the creativity of your purpose with the financial ramifications that life delivers?

Faith alone does not pay the bills

The old Zen proverb comes to mind, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water…after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” You can almost change it to saying, “

Before you find your purpose you must feed your family and pay the bills, after you find your purpose, you must feed your family and pay the bills!” While I am a big believer in faith.

I know that faith alone does not put food on the table. But I do not want to lead you astray! Faith is the first, and most important step in realizing your purpose and your dreams! It is the glimmer of belief that you can do what is put before you!

Yet, do not rely just on faith, you must put that faith into action and work! We are not given a sturdy body, smart brains and capable hands just to sit on our tush and be faithful! We are made to work, create and purposefully manifest.

Who Says you Can’’t Have a Job and Live Your Purpose?

So when you know that the job you hold is merely a means for survival, why not transform the thought about having that job is merely just your training wheels to learning how to ride your bike of purpose?

You have your job as your safety net, but you are working diligently on your purposeful business? Many people start off this way, currently I have several friends who have a day job, and then make their real magic happen in the evenings and weekends.

Think about this, there are 168 hours in a week, and you may only work 40 hours per week. (Or less if you’re creative or efficient!) So there are several more hours in the week to create your purpose.

Another person comes to mind, Darren Rowse or “The Launch Coach” just recently quit his “day job” when he was able to successfully create his purposeful empire by helping others launch their products. Doable? Absolutely!!

Starbucks is good for more than just coffee

Recently, while having this very discussion with friends, several of my friends mentioned that Starbucks gives full benefits for only 20 hours of work and flexible shifts. Their response to this question was, “There’s nothing like living off of macaroni and cheese for a few weeks to push you into having to create your business!” Now, I know that is an extreme example (especially since I’m not a fan of macaroni and cheese), but you can appreciate what they mean.

It’s easy and comfortable to get sucked into a full time corporate job, cushy pay, cushy benefits, but then it’s like a black hole. Depending upon your personality, you may never come out the other end! Starbucks on the other hand, lends itself to per diem employment, with promises of good benefits. Casual.

Couch Surfing?

So if you cannot stand your corporate job anymore, and the voice inside of you is screaming for a way out, maybe it’s time to listen. Often times, when there is a will, there is a way!

Sometimes, its better if we listen to that little voice earlier than later. That voice will tend to grow louder, and eventually will get out the “Big Stick” to hit you over the head with it, until you listen.

As ridiculous as this might sound, some people will NEED to quit their jobs in order to find their purpose. The noise and the distraction from a job is too blinding and deafening to be able to create. If this is you….there is no shame in designing your life very simply, and perhaps moving back in with Mom and Dad or couch surfing on a friends couch may work for a short while.

Often times, the thought of changing to a simple lifestyle and giving up your luxuries seems worse than it really is. When I retired, I gave up a lot of luxuries, and I honestly could not be happier or contented.

I thought I would miss a lot of my perks, but the time and the space that I have now to create is far better than the stress I had with all of the other “stuff”.

Being a dreamer doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your worldly responsibilities. The biggest minds were dreamers, daVinci, Einstein, Ford, etc. … Using that mind that you use to create all of your ideas, will be well served for you to figure out how to create your purpose in this world and still manage to feed yourself.

You can do it!! I have faith in you!!