IntentionAll of us have some burning desire to create something larger and greater as it our god given right to do so.

Something so big and magnificent to be able to transform the world in some aspect.

I know as a holistic healer and coach there is a passion to set up a business with full intention of serving others and of course making a livelihood from it.

When the results in our life and our business don’t actually match our  stated intentions we become perplexed.

Successful people know the secret, and I wanted to know this too.  I am not talking about the logical left brain concepts of planning etc., but the drive energy and passion that continues to push forward in the worst of adversity.

What you focus on is what you get, but your results will always match your intentions.

What you focus on is the direct projection of the light or the broader expansive view of what the light offers?

Your successes or failures will always match what you are giving your attention to.  Famous entrepreneurs know what they want passionately, and go after it, without hesitation.  Nothing stands in their way, and there is no thing as failure.  It is only a perception that can change. Perception is ‘thought’

Thought is Energy.

It includes all our physical, mental and emotional and spiritual components of ourselves.

Wallace Wattle refers a ‘substance’ that permeates, penetrates and fills in inter spaces of the universe in his book The Science of Growing Rich.

 He never mentioned the idea of money, but often refers to the concepts of energy – thought”. 

Law of attraction path toward abundance (a lot of the things we desire) is the only path that you want to be on.

The highly successful understand this principle.   It is the one path that will lead to your passion becoming a lifestyle.  It is the path that must be in place of happiness and contentment, healthy and fit, have great relationships and are financially secure and able to be do and have all they desire.

The Highly Successful

What I discovered is that the highly successful ones dedicated a portion of each day meditating on their desired outcomes.  They took the time and energy to clarify their visions where they were so real that they could see, hear taste, smell and touch them.

They had specific goals written down and reviewed regularly and laid out their plans right down to daily steps that they took realization of.

They  have a passion undeterred that set their course of action and knew with certainty it was their course not someone else.

When you take responsibility, disciplined in your actions, courageous and have a clear positive focus of confidence, acceptance, trust and belief you have set up the conditions for energy to flow toward an abundant life of the things you want.

Sound Easy  Not always[!]

As I said before I want the good life too, and at the end of the day it seemed I was searching for the distinctive piece that generates our big thinkers and achievers in the world.

The Secret

Intention– what drives you to do what you do?

Focus – what are you giving your attention to today?

Choice – Is your glass half full or half empty?

Allowing – the how will always show up when you are willing to take it when it comes.

You got to know who you are, what you really want, feel it, taste it, see it and  let go.