Shandi-lee {pieces}I have been playing it safe for far too long staying in control, holding onto every aspect of my life and my business, how it should be, how I should present myself, how I should dress, speak, how to market, and even how to sell my work. I did all that I was told to do because it kept me safe.

Safe from taking any risks, safe from trusting in my own magnificence, creativity and intuition.
When you want to be in control it serves only one purpose that is to play it safe. It weighs you down and becomes energy wasting. Being in control at times helps to determine our outcomes yet the need to control also blocks the possibilities of new thought and creativity.

As inner entrepreneurs you sometimes fall into the trap to do everything that is mapped out by others who have been successful, believing they’re better at it, faster at it. However…..if you can free yourself up to listen, focus on your gifts, your life will expand and grow the way it is meant to.
Let go of control! Not easy, I know….

So are you flexible about how you want things to be done? Being flexible makes it easier to live life and get all those expectations off your plate. Letting go will free you up to do the things you truly excel at – the things you do best, that ought to be done by you – not like those who tell you what has to be done. You know intuitively what is necessary.

If you think letting go is too risky – you’ll want to learn a new definition and shift your viewpoint. Letting go can show up looking like strength and power and help you get what you want by helping others get what they want?

I challenge to look at why staying in control in important. From my experience playing it safe is tell me there is a part of me that is unwilling to let go. It can be as simple as could be a trust issue. Has there ever been a time you did let go and it failed? What part of you has that belief that wants stay in control to be perfect – to do it all yourself?

We often create unrealistic standards for ourselves and then spend time and energy trying to meet those standards. If you’re a working at home mom with a couple of kids under the age of 5, is it realistic to expect to do a great job at work, keep a spotless house and cook a gourmet dinner every night? It is if you’re superwoman. Hitting that standard once in a while, sure. 24/7/365? You’ll burn out and compromise your health.
What COULD you let go? You don’t have to do it all at once. Remember, when you free up time and energy to do the things you love, the things you excel at, you will have more time to do those things, you’ll be happier more at peace, you’ll likely earn more money and you’ll be healthier mentally and physically.
I’m not saying letting go is easy, not at all. I’m just saying that it’s worth it.
Please consider these ideas seriously and find a way to implement some changes that allow you to relax your high expectations of yourself. You’ll get more done, more effectively and feel better. You truly will.
To Your Peace and Happiness. And to be you….