ego vs heartHow you ego strangles your path of purpose

Have you ever pondered what life has in store for you?   Do you at times feel disappointed, frustrated knowing that you are to be somewhere else but do not know what that is.

When I started to work with clients, I branded myself as a business coach because it was safe and took in all of my previous experience in business.  I thought this was a great idea as it worked for a while, yet felt so out of alignment.   I had asked the big question.  Was there something “more,” something I have missed?

I have been on this journey for a long time.  Working through many years of self-development and training yet found there still some ONE thing that I could not grasp – that was holding me back.  So my search continued.

Many of us think that a purpose as a mission as in business terms.  In life we follow the same train of thought.

The dictionary defined purpose as:

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.: “the gap between what is said and what is purposed” (Ian Donaldson). Idioms: on purpose. Intentionally; deliberately. To do good

This is nice… but it was not good enough.  For the average person on the street the description of purpose is all that’s needed to choose a meaningful direction in life, business, career, or relationship.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

So more question come up.  “Who am I? What am I intended to do with my life?” may appear to be too huge to ask but I did.  Be that as it may, I did find answers to these questions, quite precise answers,  very distinctive that surprised me.  This brought up fears and resistance.  Crazy (!) as it was.  It was still exciting and new.

Can we Trust another Answer

This is what I heard.

You are here to heal the heart of others and close the separation to our divine wisdom.

When you find your higher purpose your inner wisdom will support you.  It keeps you in integrity of your highest values,  You develop as you are true to be.  It is less stressful as you have the answers.


You are exceptional, and you have a reason. Where it counts is inside.  It is here you can even comprehend what your motivation is!

Although asking ourselves questions will give us clues to our life purpose though often not the detail to make the difference.  Or to live a life where direction is calling us to be.

How can you learn this detailed information?

You cannot rely on anyone else but your own inner wisdom to tell you what your purpose is.  In the depths of your heart and  higher guidance you will move beyond limitations of your ego perspective.  Stillness creates.

Understand our ego can block the clarity of our direction.  Listening to our egos and operating on this level is not congruent with how our divine is wants us to live.  Truly when you are ‘coming from’ your heart and quiet your mind enough to hear the voice of your inner wisdom, your ego has to take a back seat.  The ego is hard to contain and will continually get in your way.

Think about someone who you feel you have to ‘prove’ yourself to – either for you or for them. You want to lock horns and go to battle – you want to be right at any cost. You want to prove your point, and maybe more importantly, you want to prove them wrong.

That is the ego and you know it by the resistant or uncomfortable feeling you have. When you are operating from your heart, you experience a more open and flowing with a comfortable feeling

How would I know?

When you are centered, listening and operating from a place of total surrender the ego has to take a back seat.  It hasn’t a choice. When operating from the Ego, you feel disconnected, even lost.

Our ego does not live in the heart space – it almost as if the ego is choked when the heart takes over.  When you listen to inner wisdom and learn the difference, you feel good, centered, kind and thoughtful.

There is a feeling of pure clarity on how to go ahead – there is just no room for doubt.

Think about how you feel toward a child – that openness, that lack of judgment that comes right from your heart when there is no ego or conflict involved – it is easy to let your ego aside with a child.

Your inner wisdom will support you and keep you in integrity of your highest values as you develop your connection.   You will gain and uncover your motivation, and lead an existence of satisfaction, delight, and achievement.

You just have to ask “Am I Ready?”