Questions- Curiosity Makes us wonderAsking the right questions.

Questions employ curiosity.

Sometimes success feels so close, sometimes we’re right in it and other times it feels far away and elusive.

Do you lay awake night wondering what it really takes?

Do you just have to want it badly enough? Is that it? Is there more?

Why does it seem to come so easily to certain people and remains a struggle for others? So many questions!

But there are more…

Do you remember the saying “What we resists persists”

In other words our resistance  to its opposites creates the energy to attract more of what you don’t want.

Why are you climbing the mountain?

Curiosity makes us wonder.

What is waiting for you when you have success of getting to the top?

What are you going to get once you are there?

Did you enjoy the climb?

Should you slow down, speed up?

What are you leaving behind if you achieve what you most desire?

Is there something else that you want besides what you been told you want?

For many of us, that’s the hardest part  is to ask those questions.

It can be really challenging to put yourself out there and admit there are things you don’t know, things you need to know, things you feel like you should know, but don’t.

Questioning is a skill we often have forgotten.

Over time you will get better at it and eventually find your way out of the darkness into the light.   You cannot control success no matter how much discipline, skills you have, what field you’re in or where your talents lie.

It takes courage and vulnerability to develop a level of comfort with the idea of uncertainty.

It takes humility, however and humility takes confidence and belief. To be open to possibilities takes an open mind, and open heart and a willingness to be wrong, and be right – without judgement.

Yet, being ‘wrong’ or not sharing popular ideas has always been looked down upon.

Have you ever been asked “would you rather be right, or be happy”?

It sums it up in a way.

It is a funny thing that most of us measure our success by external gratification. But those gratifications wane.

Why questions – why curiosity?

Being right does NOT equal happiness and being open and willing to be wrong doesn’t either, but it gets you much closer. And, it takes confidence.

Yet, if we can lean into that trust and understand and find the right people to guide us, to help ask those question – they can share in your vision – things we can’t see for ourselves, therefore we can’t improve upon.

 Be willing to be open and to ask the questions?

Be willing to take advice and admit what you do know – and what you don’t..

You’ll find things flow more smoothly, you’ll feel more on an even keel, and oh, what you’ll learn! It can change everything. And so it will.