soul purpose blueprint soul purpose guidance soul purpose life coaching higher guidance soul higher guidanceWhat is this all about?

Our higher guidance is our connection to truth and our spiritual heart.  Our higher guidance offers us the opportunity to know our soul purpose and the map we are to ride.    This connection to our inner wisdom offers us the opportunity to realise our soul purpose in this lifetime – getting ready for the next.

Our hearts intuitively knows we are living in a special time.  The challenge is that we may have invested more time and energy in a way of being or paradigm that may not serve us any longer.  Our judgement becomes a sense of false security based on an illusion of inherent insecurity.

Interference to Knowing 

In the depths of trying to work out what I was here to do, I often would look at other people living their soul purpose assuming they must have some type of technique used to be special.

From the outside looking, it seemed look easy.  Like there was something singing from above giving them guidance.  Then one morning I woke up revealing exactly the steps to take.

Mapping the Soul

To say it is as easy as waking up and remember what lights us up is not quite so easy.

Experience shows me there are blocks, interference, fears, frustrations, anger, sabotage behaviors our ego holds onto.  Releasing the ego illusion is not quite so simple.

Why do I want to know?

You, like anyone else, may be curious about your soul purpose.   If this is you, seeking answers are defined with truth, faith and wisdom.

Why do I exist?

Do you know what that role is?

Are you content with your current self or do you feel like you’re living someone else’s life?

Coaching the Human Soul takes you on a journey of your self-discovery where your soul purpose blueprint is cleary spoken.

Are you one of those people?

Your current self is constricted.  Achievement is going through different experiences with far less results.

Do you now feel when there are things you are meant to do, and the things that you are doing now just don’t feel congruent?

The Reality

There are times I am sure when you are already confident.  You lean towards doing and acting as we have been trained.  Often losing your real self because of work, relationships, surroundings,  environment, and other circumstances.

Sometimes there is a  need to do something in order to blend in – even at the cost of losing your unique self.

At times, you lose your way and self.  Yet, you can always find your way back.

Tuning in

Tuning into your inner wisdom (higher guidance) determines effective actions to take and plans to make..

You will break free from fears, beliefs and strongholds – spoken and unspoken that have been holding you back.  Connecting to your inner wisdom is your source of truth, beyond our ego illusions steeped in fear.

Your soul purpose blueprint is always calling you to follow a path.  When we get out of our ego head into our heart  amazing  possibilities appear.

Inner wisdom clears the path to knowing

Your essence is shown

The blessing gives you clarity

The work you do brings joy and fulfillment.

 “If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, what is the purpose of our human existence? Why are we really here?”

Clear the road between ego illusion and truth

Your inner wisdom and open-heart offers the safety of our connection to the Source of Love and Light.

It helps you evaluate the choices you currently have, have made, the reasons behind those choices, discerning the results and WHY?  To choose again!

Your inner wisdom helps you close the gap between where you currently stand and where you really want to be placed.

Discover the innate power residing in you.

Everyone’s soul purpose blueprint is known.

Actions you are meant to do with your amazing abilities.

Inner Wisdom

Remember:  Your soul is always calling out to you.  Your inner wisdom gives you the opportunity to hear what is really for you.

You will understand and align your soul purpose blueprint.

This is a process clearing the mental noise, emotional and physical clutter so you hear clear message from True Source.

You will differentiate from the voice of the ego and that of source.

Most of us live our lives without knowing our real soul purpose, why we are born.

Are you getting more curious  and the true extent of your abilities?

Your current self must be living a constricted life, achieving and going through different experiences that are far less than what you were born to do and live through.

Understand your soul purpose blueprint welcomes you through inner wisdom.  Inner wisdom is your teacher and guide towards the answers you seek.

We all seek guidance at some point in our lives.    I am only a facilitator.

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