The theory that we are what we think about and manifest what we think about most is getting a lot of attention in recent years.

There are so many different writings on this theory – everything from Norman Vincent’s Peales’ famous book The Power of Positive Thinking to Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich to the runaway hit The Secret. For many years it was considered just that – a Secret.

Creating our Reality

The concept of creating our everyday reality from our thoughts is a powerful one.  One that is life-altering once you understand, embrace and start using techniques and ideas that this teaching is about.

What a concept and a wonderful idea(!) -Just to think something, and have it manifest in our lives. It’s also a little scary, because we all have negative thoughts and fears and anger and jealousy and all the thoughts and feeling that scare us when they pass through our minds, never mind them becoming our reality

Thoughts create things

The human mind is extremely complex and common wisdom tells us that we don’t even begin to tap into the power contained therein – for any of us. Our minds are an intricate web of thoughts, memories, emotions, assumptions, beliefs, ideas, images – it’s hard to think about never mind fully comprehend. The complexity is actually good news when it comes to manifesting our reality from our thoughts.

Every thought is made up of that thought and then all of the emotions and feelings we’re experiencing in the moment and have every experienced. We store it all in that complex brain of ours. That complexity is what creates the ‘time’ between thoughts and manifestation. Most of our thoughts are not clear and precise and we don’t think them constantly and consistently. There are new emotions that accompany each new thought and they are mixed in with and filtered through all our previous experiences.

Then, there is a grace period in the manifesting of physical reality, wherein only those thoughts that are clear and precise – those not filtered through limiting beliefs and conflicting emotions – manifest as a clearly discernable result. ALL thoughts create results, but often our physical worlds are in a jumble…because our thoughts are in a jumble! Did that seem confusing? My point exactly!

Author Joe Vitale makes this point with a brilliantly simple analogy in his e-book Spiritual Marketing:

“What you hold in your mind with energy and focus will tend to be created in your reality. It takes a little longer to experience results because we keep changing our minds. Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering chicken soup. But before it arrives you change your order to won ton soup. And before that arrives you change your order back to chicken soup. You’ll sit there and complain, saying “I can never get what I want!” when in reality you are the reason your soup is late!”

Throw into our mix that some of what we think has to do with our upbringing – essentially the thoughts of others. We are all surrounded and influenced to a certain degree by the expectations of others. We can become aware of this and work to limit the influences and expectations implanted in us through our childhood years, but they do leave powerful lasting impressions.

Where’s the good news in this complicate equation?

This ‘secret’, once we have ‘discovered’ it, can be used to explore our own thought patterns and change them. What could be more fun?

Human beings are the only creatures with self-awareness, meaning we can think about our thoughts…therefore we can intentionally change our circumstances. Add to this the ability to focus our thoughts and literally create our reality…and you have incredible, life-altering power.