There is a growing trend I noticed that women in small businesses have this need for power, to create empires or maybe it is to leave a legacy. They are pushing themselves hard, trying to make everything happen quickly; to beat the competition and to get their name  – It doesn’t have to be this way.

I am going to be a bit of a critic here. Some of you will agree and most likely most of you won’t.    But I want to tell you what  I have learned.  I am not going to do this to deny any business principle or practice is wrong. I’m not here to please the masses!   I just want to share with you what I have experienced from running a business that I fell into because I was passionate about it to running a business from my heart.  They really are two different things.  But I am diverging here for a moment. So please excuse me.

So I asked myself WHY?  WHY?  I keep seeing repeatedly over and over again the same business model of years gone by.  Why do some women make it (yes I am talking about women as I am most familiar with this) and other don’t even make it when all the same rules and principles are applied down to the micro level.  It is not about the product or service I realised that made the difference or even the niche that you may be targeting.  Are you confused yet!  Read on…

I am asking these questions now because I have been there before doing the same and it never worked for me.  What I have learned over the years of being in business that sometimes even to the point of desperation, there are forces that are telling us to do it another way.  So I decided to go on my own journey to find out what it was that was missing– and question was- I never did ask my heart!

It is “Leading with your Heart” – about being aware of your inner driver and being able to listen to that – understanding the impact each of your habits and actions has on what you do. It is about you how live your life based on the knowing that everything is interconnected.  If it not right for you right now – my answer is then don’t do it!  This, I know is so contradictory but true.  Because the energy you put in will be exactly what you get out.

My perception is that “Leading with your Heart is a way of doing business where the creation of value comes from the questions we ask in our heart and is considered the foundation for you to creating wealth. Ultimately, when you lead from your heart there is a way of doing business will embraces the interconnectedness of Life. A business that operates with heart and soul. The wonderful thing about this approach is that it operates in harmony with the universal principles of giving and receiving.

When your business focus is solely on creating profits, you can miss out on the beauty and unity of working with and for others. This kind of tunnel vision can create sleepless nights and stressful days and it can be a mental, emotional and spiritual drain on your psyche.

If you find yourself spinning your wheels and racking your brain, it might be time to start integrating and listening to your heart and bring this practice into your company’s daily working philosophy. Spend some time adopting the concept ‘Leading with your Heart’ and then sit back amazed as your business takes off!