Pause moment

We naturally strive for more, for better, for comfort and security. It is part of our basic need according to “Maslow”    So we strive to keep this in balance. He says that we often sell ourselves short and  settle for less than we really believe what is possible.

Where are the possibilities for you now?

Remember back to things you wanted to achieve – in your career and financial goals in particular.

Did your question taken you in search of your dreams?

Have you achieved some of what you know is possible for you?

For some it remains the dream.  You likely had some ideas and sense of the kinds of possibilities you would like to create for yourself. So what really happened?

We  have been taught to push ourselves into some grand plan  to become greater grander by improving the overall quality of our life and changing our expectations, which can create disharmony and unbalance.

Others have found that that keeping excited and in that state of gratitude and expectation comes naturally, it’s second nature to them receiving what is theirs to receive.

Others find it’s a learning process and still others need to push themselves to feel that sense of anticipation.

We are all configured differently and if you think about it, you can probably can pinpoint times when you felt really ‘on fire’, really in the state of receiving and knowing – that what you wanted was coming your way.

Likewise, you’ve probably experienced the opposite, that feeling of fear and stagnation that keep you awake at night, worried about what’s coming next.

Yes there is always something there just for you.  It is ready if you are willing to tap into it.

Innovation is alive and well – as long as there are people, there is a unique and special calling for you. Gifts you have that are uniquely yours to communicate.

Change is possible and it’s not as difficult as we’ve been led to believe.

Solutions are at hand if you will stop, get quiet and know what is yours to do. Take yourself away from the flood of information and just be still and know. PAUSE for while. Because I promise you, you DO know.

If you engage in time out you will bring out a new found energy.  The inspiration is there inside of you -to be tapped into.

The feeling of anticipation and excitement when life is going well will return.

You’re anticipation of something new is about to come your way.

That sense of possibility, or excitement is where our drive and optimism comes from – it’s the idea of what is possible.

Begin with time out PAUSE and revive that feeling of expectation.  Giving your mind the time to integrate new found ideas and possibilities.  When you do the results are smoother and faster

Go forth and boldly do what is yours to do. Explore the possibilities and then Claim It!