My article this has come from some deep soul searching on how business today is really in transformation.    I say that, because, I am finding many small businesses working hard, plowing away doing the do with little results.  We all know about goal setting and planning.  It is the breadth that will steer you where you want to go.  But it doesn’t always work.  I have sense for sometime that there has been a missing piece to business, which had led me to revisit the way that I am delivering my programs for women in small business.

Why Listen?

I have worked in my own small businesses over the past 20 years, with a lot of frustration, overwhelm and completely trying to keep up with everyone else left me exhausted and feeling hopeless.  My life was being torn personally and professionally, so I did some deep seeded soul searching of what coaching and mentoring in small business could actually become.

What I have learned is that your job as the small business owner is to support, guide, direct, and uphold your business through it’s different stages of growth. Yes, like a human being, your business grows from being an infant (needing constant care) to a toddler (starting to interact with the world around it) to a child (learning the ways of the world) to a teenager (carving out it’s own niche) and hopefully becoming a sustainable, flourishing adult (manages itself).

Do you ever stop ask relax enough to ask questions for your business and then listen through your heart.  If you are like most, me included, we are too busy and just going.  But your business has a heart!  and wants to be heard and is screaming to you through all your frustrations and overwhelm to be listened to.    So here’s where it gets even more interesting.  You can enlist the Core of What Your Business is and represents, as its beautiful child with its creativity to become an awe inspiring adult so it becomes sustainable.

This is what Connecting Heart and Business stands for in its core. Sometimes it is necessary just to stop, ask and listen what your inner essence it telling you about your business.   Here are a few tips:

1.   Relax

Close your eyes and take a few breaths. Relax into your body. Allow your breath to bring you into your body and out of your mind. Bring your attention to your own heart center, observing your chest rise and fall with the breath. Allow your heart to soften and open.

2. Get in touch with your Core (Your Heart)

Invite your Core or Wise self to be present in this moment with you. Trust that all the guidance you need will be provided. Be open to receiving whatever insight pops up, even if it seems silly or totally unrelated at first.

3. Get in touch with your Business

Invite the Heart of your Business to be present with you. Acknowledge your business in gentle and loving way, as you would love a child

4.  Now ask these few questions about your business.

  • What is the true essence of my business? And am I aligned with this?
  • What does my business need from me right now?
  • What steps do I need to be taking to best support the business right now?
  • Show me a vision for the next few months to a year
  • What do I need to be doing to bring this vision to life?
  • What else do I need to know?

Listen without judgment nor questioning your answers. When you come from this place-a place of service  you will attract that which your business wants to serve. Using this process of connecting to your core allows your inner source to become the facilitator of your business.  Not the ego mind that often gets us trapped into stages of overwhelm, comparison and frustration.    Your business is here to support you, in its own entirety.    Not yours to control each moment.  As in the controlling often there becomes the resistance to receiving what is borne to be brought to you.

If you need something help to shift those limiting beliefs and self-saboteurs, to understand and work through your business with a Heart Centered Connection so you can start attracting clients and experiencing your business in a flow of abundance, the Connecting Heart and Business.