Missing in ActionI write often about the more esoteric side of business if you will. I am a firm believer that much of our outcome begins in our mind and heart, determined by what we think, what we believe, how we feel,  and what we focus on.

However, as an experienced business woman, I also know that you must have a plan in place that you bring your mindset to!

Every business needs structure – a solid foundation it’s built on a plan that you are working, every single day you are scheduled to ‘be in your business.’

I like the house building analogy for thinking about how this all works. Imagine pouring the foundation. It’s a certain size and shape – it’s going to contain the structure. You want it to be rock solid and lasting. That’s your business vision.

Next, you choose build onto that foundation – you determine the size and the shape and you lay the internal workings – the plumbing, the electricity, all that powers your house and makes it functional. Those are the working plans that surround your vision – the activities you will ‘be in’ to make your business goals a reality.

The thing you must do every day, every week, every month to stay in business and prosper. Finally, you choose the fittings – all the finishing surfaces – cabinetry, fixtures, the things that make a statement – that please you, that make your place unique to you, your home, your life, your style.

These are the exact things that make you unique, that draw business to you – the clients who are meant to be yours.

This happens because you’ve taken the time to build that foundation, to know what you want and to breathe life into those ideas and your vision.

In life, unlike in building, we have internal work we must consistently do – controlling what we think rather than being controlled by the ‘shoulds’ the ‘musts’ and the things that pull us away from what we built when we designed our ‘business house’.

Stay true to your vision. If you have written your vision yet for 2013 – it’s not too late.

The time you spend thinking about what you want, will be time that serves to actually bring you what you want.

You will be focused and on purpose.

Don’t let being caught up in what you perceive ‘must’ be done that’s more important trap you.

Determine your outcome by deliberately creating your blueprint. Like the house that stands solid and surrounds you with comfort, beauty and ease, so to can your business if you create your plan and stay true to it. Now’s the time. Make the time and realize your dreams and goals.

If you are holding back to the level of the lowest common denominator you will never experience abundance.   Whatever it is, these resistances are just a start.  Work with me and I will help you make the breakthroughs, where you will notice immediate change and greater success.