AchillesYou’ve probably heard the legend of Achilles. He was dipped into the river Styx by his mother Thetis in order to make him invulnerable, to protect her precious child. His heel was the only part of him that wasn’t covered by the protective waters and he was later killed by an arrow would to this heel.

Hence our phrase for weakness ‘the Achilles heel’.

The message of the legend is that while we all have strengths, we also have blind or weak spots.

Our challenge is often an emotional attachment to an outcome. We think we know how we want something to turn out, we think we know the best outcome and what is best for us. If you think back on your life and see it as a movie, watch the reel unwind and see the things that came to pass. How many of the outcomes were what you predicted, or thought certain you wanted?

♥What things would not have happened if everything went exactly according to the rigid plan you made, thinking that was the best way, the only way?

♥How much disappointment did you suffer because you weren’t happy with the outcome only to find later on it was the best thing that could’ve been?

I think we can be happier and more productive – a great combination by the way (!) – if we pay attention to our weaknesses and blind spots.

If we listen to the wisdom in those hidden areas.

If we release attachment to the outcome and instead hope for the outcome that serves everyone’s higher purpose.

Often when we trust and lean into doing our very best and then letting the results determine themselves, we find that great and unexpected benefits come our way. They come in the form of clients, paychecks, great opportunities, travel, love – in every area of life where we can ten to push too hard to try and ‘control’ what we get and how.

It’s not easy to let go and I’m not suggesting that you do that in any kind of cavalier or unthinking, uncaring way. Rather, lighten up on the expectations a bit. Set in your mind the best outcome you can think of and then tell yourself “this is or something better”. I think when you release the angst and the worry, you’ll find you enjoy your life more and as you do, more good things come your way.

It’s a universal law, there, waiting for you to tap into it!