It’s often surprising to learn how much influence we have on people we come in contact with – even in passing – those people you interact with as you go through your day. You have influence far beyond what you  probably realize and it all comes from who you are and being generous with people – sharing a kind word, being an energetic spark in their day….in essence, being generous. There’s strength and power in your generosity.

Be generous and appreciate people – do it because it feels good and because you can. It’s not about entitlement, or wanting something, it’s about appreciation.

We are living in extraordinary times.  More and more people are waking up and becoming conscious – in their everyday activities, in their life and many are seeing the world with new eyes, perhaps seeing for the very first time what’s been there all along.

You earned your realization, your awakening and you’re grateful for the resources you have around you – you’ve created them and brought them to you.

And, it’s all here – you have everything you need right now.

Gratitude helps you appreciate and use what you have, being grateful allows you the full expression of all you have to offer.

Stay in the gratitude, focused on what you do have – don’t give in to fears, disbeliefs and doubts, worrying about what you (perceive) you don’t have.

Doubt will get in your way of understanding and knowing that you have all you need right now to be who you want to be.

It’s your responsibility to step up into your power.

Generosity of Spirit

Being generous is fairly easy to accomplish, and it goes way beyond ‘not being stingy’.

Generosity is when you give willingly and easily to others – making them more comfortable with themselves and where they are going and where they want to be. Your strength in generosity will become your prominent feature – one that’s remembered and appreciated by everyone you come in contact with.

Your desire to achieve great things will you inspire others who will want to reach your heights.

Be generous with your time … Stay fully present with each encounter, as if this moment is the most important and nothing else exists.

Be generous with your words … Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel about them, or appreciate something they have done. A word of encouragement, a note of appreciation, a sincere compliment, can brighten someone’s day and even change a life.

Be generous with your thoughts … Think the best of others, and see them as they would like to be, and not as they are now. See them as doing their absolute best.

Be generous with your money … Find an occasion to share what you have with others. Money is like love, the more you give away, the more returns to you.

Be generous with your heart … Keep it open, no matter how frightening that may sometimes be. An open heart will heal every ailment and restore peace to your soul.

Be generous with your smile … Give it away to everyone you meet and see the world reflected back to you, in joyous celebration.

Be generous with your love … It is who you really are and why you came here. And in the end, it is all that really matters anyway.